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Luxury Homes Vs MarCor Masters

Comparing Luxury Homes Cabo and MarCor Masters in Cabo San Lucas boils down to cost, quality, speed, and communication. Here's why we think Luxury Homes Cabo is the better choice.

Luxury Homes Cabo (LHC)

  •  LHC has the best combination of luxury + affordability.

  •  LHC is 30% less expensive than Marcor Masters.

  •  LHC quality is equal or better than Marcor Masters. 

  •  LHC builds over 6 months faster than Marcor Masters.

  •  LHC has better communication with their customers.

  •  LHC can do extra features like off-the-grid solar panels and advanced water filtration systems at a much more affordable price.

Master MarCors

  • MarCor Masters emphasizes exclusivity.

  • MarCor Masters is more expensive than LHC.

  • MarCor Masters quality is ok but not better than LHC.

  • MarCor Masters generally takes 20-24+ months to build.

  • MarCor Masters specialize in building unique, bespoke villas.

Price Comparison

Average Cost Per SQFT

Luxury Homes Cabo = $220-$290

 MarCor Masters  = $320-$450

Timeline to Build After Permits Are Approved

Luxury Homes Cabo =12-16 Months

 MarCor Masters =20-24 Months


Ultimately, Luxury Homes Cabo is the best choice if you want the most optimal combination of luxury + affordability.

​Get a free quote below and start building your dream home today. 

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