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Costa Palmas Reviews 2024: Is This the Best Location in the East Cape?

Costa Palmas, located in the peaceful area of the East Cape in Baja California Sur, stands out as a luxurious and private retreat. Its untouched beaches, excellent amenities, and stunning views have earned it worldwide praise. In this detailed review, we'll explore the reasons why Costa Palmas is considered a top destination in the East Cape as of 2024.

The Appeal of Costa Palmas

Costa Palmas is more than just a place; it's a way of life. Spread over 1,000 acres, this resort and living area features a two-mile long pristine beach, a golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones II, and all kinds of facilities for every interest. Whether you love water sports or prefer peaceful walks in nature, Costa Palmas provides an unmatched experience.

Redefining the Essence of Luxury

The residences and villas at Costa Palmas blend seamlessly with the natural beauty of the East Cape. Designed with sophistication and comfort in mind, each living space offers panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez. The architecture and interior design reflect a modern yet timeless elegance, redefining luxury living.

Exciting Amenities and Engaging Activities

A Golfer's Dream Destination

Experience the thrill of our 18-hole championship golf course, where every hole presents a unique challenge and opportunity for golfers of all skill levels. Immerse yourself in a game that's both demanding and satisfying, designed to elevate your golfing journey to new heights.

Discover the Charm of Marina Village

The Marina Village is a vibrant center of excitement, hosting an array of gourmet dining spots, trendy fashion stores, and lively evening entertainment. It's the perfect spot for those seeking a taste of luxury and fun.

Thrilling Outdoor Expeditions

Explore the endless possibilities at Costa Palmas, where the great outdoors becomes your ultimate playground. Dive into adventure with snorkeling and sailing, or traverse the scenic trails by hiking and biking. Every moment invites excitement and discovery.

Green Living and Connected Communities

Costa Palmas is committed to sustainability and community development. Through initiatives like coral reef restoration and local community engagement, the development is not just a haven for residents and visitors but also a steward of the environment.

What the Reviews Say

Guests and residents alike rave about the unparalleled service, the exquisite dining options, and the sheer beauty of the location. Many describe their time at Costa Palmas as unforgettable, highlighting the peace and tranquility it offers away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Is Costa Palmas the Best Location in the East Cape?

Comparing it to other luxury destinations in the region, Costa Palmas stands out for its blend of natural beauty, luxury, and commitment to sustainability. While "best" is subjective, the reviews and experiences shared by those who've visited speak volumes.


Costa Palmas isn't just a place to visit; it's an adventure that takes luxury to the next level in the East Cape's stunning heart. Whether you're looking for a peaceful escape or a thrilling adventure, Costa Palmas has it all. Looking forward, Costa Palmas is not only a leader in luxurious living but also in building a green and welcoming community for everyone.

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